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Capital Budgeting with Monte Carlo Simulation

Many times I look for capital budgeting templates with Monte Carlo simulations it will require me to use Excel with the add on. Unfortunately, I neither have access to Windows nor do I plan on installing Excel on my Mac. I struggled to easily do this using Google Sheets or Numbers on Mac. It may be possible to do, but the time dedication to figure this out would be too much when I can simple build a template to use in Python.


In the Python notebook, I lay out a scenario where a business is looking to move from an on premise cluster to cloud. In this example, I use Google Cloud and Databricks cost. Please consult with your cloud vendor about any discounts to get accurate data points as well as modifying the line items to represent your business.

Also, you are not limited to using a cloud migration process to use this template. Feel free update it as you see fit for whatever your organization may be looking into whether it is standing up a new factory, cost savings of data compression, introducing a new widget into the market place, etc.


In this repo, I have a notebooks and html directory. If you want to peruse the example without launching Python, just open the html file locally and review it on your web browser. Once you are ready to play around with the current example or create your own, open the notebook and take it for a spin.